631 Apparel Company features Long Island themed tees, sweats, hats and accessories for everyone in the family. 

Show your Long Island Pride with this great line of active wear!

​​​Fair Trade Crafts

​​​Vintage crafts 

​​​We are proud to represent a wide selection of crafts created by local Long Island Artisans from a wide variety of mediums. We are continually impressed & amazed by the talent of our artisans and know you will be too!

Artisan handcrafts

 We scour auctions, flea markets and estate sales in search of unique hand crafted items from yesteryear.  We never know what we'll find, and neither will you!   

​​​631 Apparel

Over 1 billion of the earth’s people live on less than $1 per day, Fair Trade businesses aim to combat poverty by providing a fair livable wage. We are pleased to support these efforts by offering many Fair Trade hand crafted items in the Gallery.

We are Open for Curbside Pickup , Shipping and Local Delivery

Please contact us at info@northforkcraftgallery.com or call 631-886-2888

to schedule an appointment for a personal shopping call or Facetime shopping session.